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FY 2018 Budget Kickoff
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Fiscal Year 2018 Resources

  • Budget Analyst Checklist:  A comprehensive checklist of what the Budget Analyst will review and analyze through the FY 2018 Budget Cycle.
  • Budget Book Department Summary Template:  The template that should be followed when completing the department Budget Summary for FY 2018.
  • Budget Calendar:  List of important dates during the budget cycle to assist in planning, preparing for meetings, and meeting deadlines.
  • Budget Checklist Coversheet:  A Department Checklist of what each department should have prepared when attending  a budget meeting during the FY 2018 Budget Cycle (note: any further information that is requested should also be prepared).
  • Budget Cycle:  Big picture overview of the Budget Cycle by month, also found in Budget Book.
  • Budget Kickoff PowerPoint:  Brief PowerPoint presentation that gives an overview of the budget cycle, current economic environment, impact on the operating budget, FY 2018 budget process, capital budgeting, guidelines for grants, measuring performance, business proposals and initiatives, budget entry guidelines, and resources.
  • Budget Kickoff Video: Instructions for the development of the FY 2018 Pasco County budget.
  • Budget Manual:  General instructions and guidance for preparing department budgets.
  • Budget Proposal-Initiative Process:  Flowchart to illustrate the steps taken during the budget proposal/initiative process.
  • Budget Proposal-Initiative Branch List with ACA Ranking:  List of submitted proposals/initiatives that summarizes and ranks in order of importance.
  • Budget Proposal-Initiative Form Instructions:  Step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Budget Proposal-Initiatives Form. 
  • Budget Proposal-Initiative Form:  Form that will be used to submit any proposals/initiatives for the FY 2018 budget.
  • Level of Service PowerPoint:  Brief PowerPoint presentation that explains telling the story surrounding level of service and using performance measures to illustrate strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • OMB Team Assignments:  A comprehensive list of each team member in OMB and position titles, what role they play within the department, departmental assignments, and contact information.
  • Misc. Budget Rates FY 18:  A table of important budgeted items for the upcoming fiscal year, with some notes on where the sources of information.
  • Price Lists FY18:  A comprehensive list that provides the cost of various items and equipment, provided by Fleet and Purchasing. 
Additional Capital Resources

Project & Budget Requests forhttp://pascoatwork.pascocountyfl.lan/bccpbr/Account/Login.aspx

    • IT Project and Budget Requests
    • Fleet Requests
    • Human Resources
    • Facilities
  • PBR User Guide FY 18:  Comprehensive instructions for using the Project and Budget Request (PBR) System.
  • IT Request PowerPoint:  Brief PowerPoint presentation that explains general device and budget recommendations for the upcoming Budget Cycle, as well as instructions on how to navigate the “IT Budgeting and Purchasing” page on PascoInside.
  • FY18-ITBR-Equipment Off Warranty:  Provided by IT, a list of equipment that has a warranty ending during FY 2018 along with IT’s recommendations for budgeting replacements.
  • IT-Equipment Guidelines and Prices-FY 2018:  IT Equipment selection guidelines and budgetary pricing for computers, printers, scanners, phones and accessories, video conferencing, software licenses, network equipment, communications devices, and other miscellaneous equipment, as well as sheets on Microsoft Software License Costs, Virtual Desktop Information, and Cell Phone Information.
  • Munis User Guide – Budget Entry:  Guide that gives step-by-step instructions on how to input budget requests into the budget module in Tyler-Munis.